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TeachYourselfCrypto a self paced, free course on everything Crypto for Non-technical people (people who are not developers or coders)

The primary intent behind the course is to educate people on crypto from scratch and help them build competency in crypto. 

We believe that crypto is the future of money, governance, and the internet in general, and that most industries will have to adapt, just like we adapted to the internet in the last 20 years. It has already received widespread adoption from sovereign nations, silicon valley, major corporations (think Facebook, Adidas, Twitter), high net worth individuals and is slowly making its way to widespread public acceptance and use. 

Here’s a couple of things for reference:

82.2 Million+ people hold bitcoin.

There are more than 270k transactions on the bitcoin network, daily.

The Total Value Locked in Defi  (Decentralized Finance) is 77 Billion, with 4000+ applications and almost a 100k daily active users

Anybody who understands the effects of endless money printing, uncontrolled inflation, and the complete loss of public trust in any central authority cannot deny the inevitability of the decentralized, trustless, tamper-proof  blockchain revolution. 

It will affect every industry: starting with finance, law, gaming, applications, websites, art, governance, and making its way to sales, marketing, music, healthcare, agriculture,  etc. 

It is highly likely that all jobs in the future will require a basic, working knowledge of crypto, similar to the way that experience with computers and the internet is a basic qualification today. 

Imagine not being able to use the internet in today’s age and time. 

That’s how it’s going to be like, being crypto illiterate, in another 5 years.

Getting certified by TeachYourselfCrypto allows you to showcase your knowledge on a cutting edge, fast paced topic, while communicating to prospective employers that you have the skills, foresight and competence to adapt to a fast changing environment.

Moreover, crypto companies are looking for crypto-literate professionals to join their teams. Most of these companies offer pay in 6 figures, with remote- WFH options available, consistent with the crypto culture. Even traditional companies are looking for individuals who can spearhead blockchain adoption in their company.

Remember how all companies had to get websites, servers, apps once the internet took over? That’s how it’s going to be with the blockchain in a couple of years. Getting to understand the basics of blockchain and becoming crypto-literate is going to be like knowing how to install computers, servers, and networks in the 90s (a highly sought after skill, and you didn't need to be a developer - you just needed to know how to use the tools. The older ones among you remember.)

It is not just a field for developers and coders, it is an entire industry poised to take over in the next 5-10 years. And if you are interested, you could be a part of a ground breaking project!

The course is very comprehensive and covers everything you need to know about crypto. We also update the course constantly, so your knowledge base is always up-to-date.

We highly recommend completing the course and adding it to your resume and on your Linkedin profile to signal your competency in the field of cryptocurrency to prospective employers.

Details about the Certification:

Once you purchase the certification, you will then receive access to the website, where you will need to create an account, so you can attempt the verification examination.

The examination is MCQ based, with 20 questions of varying difficulty. Once you have successfully completed the examination, you will be able to download your certificate from the website and add it to your Resume, Linkedin, etc. 

If you are unsuccessful in clearing the examination, you can retake the examination after a period of 24 hours. We advise you to take the time and go through the curriculum again during this time. You can retake the examination as many times as you’d like. The cooling period of 24 hours will apply after every unsuccessful attempt.

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ADD CRYPTO TO YOUR RESUME ( Verified Certificates)

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