The Illimitable Men Audiobook (26.5 Hours of Narration)

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The vast majority of men are disappointed by their lives. They get used by everyone.

  • Corporations will use you as a pack slave for 20 years before letting you go because they found someone cheaper to do the job.
  • Women will use you for entertainment and dates and for "getting to be a bride" and then divorce you (i.e. take your money and children)
  • Society will push down a narrative of "it's all man's responsibility" on you so you live like a slave and never chase your dreams.

Everyone uses men for their own ends and then discards them when they are not needed anymore. Men are left high and dry, and completely helpless.

But here's the secret hidden in plain sight: all of the above only applies to the bottom 80% of men. The top 20% of men make great money, date lots of women, and can seemingly do whatever they want without any rules applying to them.

You have two options:

1. Complain about how hard and unfair your life is

2. Get into the top 20% of men who have all the fun and success.

This audiobook is for those who want option 2.

Volume 1 has 4 parts.

Part 1: Becoming a Man

To become a high value man (and trust me, you want to be a high value man - whether you admit it or not), you must first build your masculinity. Unfortunately, all the resources that used to help men ascend have become corrupted ("toxic masculinity", "men are pigs", etc.).

We will give you the truth on what a man is, what true masculinity is (and no, it's not serving women in different ways like everyone tells you nowadays), and how you can become one and fix yourself.

Remember: The higher your value, the fewer rules apply.

Women will want you, men will want to be you.

She will break all of "her rules" you. Because women only apply rules with chumps. There are no rules for manly men.

The world is desperate for manly men. We're in short supply.

You must increase your masculinity if you want happiness as a man. You must have a masculine mindset, a masculine body, and a masculine aura.

Inspire respect and admiration. We will show you how.

Part 2: Understand Women and Female Nature

Most men think women are "mysterious creatures" that are divine and unquestionable. Such men are also idiots who end up getting their bank accounts drained with expensive dates and divorces, with nothing to show for it.

Women are not complicated. You think they are complicated because you have been lied to about female nature. The feminist world tells you that women are the same as men. But this is not reality.

Look, if you were told that the Earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around it, and then asked to observe planetary motion - you would come up with something really complicated and "mysterious".

This is how messed up most men's idea of female nature is. The fundamental beliefs are wrong.

We will give you the right fundamental ideas about how women actually are and how they work. We will put the sun in the center and you will see how simple it all actually is.

Remember: Women are not "mysterious". You only think they are because you don't understand female nature.

Women have evolved with different traits than men because they have a different evolutionary history.

For example, women are hypergamous. This means they are only attracted to men that are better than them (taller, stronger, makes more money, etc).

Here's a quandary: Many men are puzzled with why women go for "jerks" and then come to them to cry and complain about these jerks. Only to then go off with another "jerk". Men wonder why she behaves like this, is she dumb? They don't get it - she's a woman. Once you listen to the audiobook, you'll perfectly understand why women are how they are.

This is a very broad and nuanced topic, and we'll get to the "nuts and bolts".

You will be able to understand women, what she wants, why she behaves as she does, and most importantly:

Learning how women operate will teach you how to pick the right one for long term relationships and marriage.

DIVORCE IS EXPENSIVE. You will lose your children and half your net worth and be on the hook for over a decade of child support payments. It is of utmost importance that you PICK THE RIGHT WOMAN.

And you can only do that if you understand woman with the right fundamentals. None of the feminist "we're all the same" crap. You can see with your eyes that it's not true.

Part 3: Social Dynamics ("How to play the game")

You're a man. You want status, respect, recognition, and power.

  • You want men to respect you.
  • You want clients to keep coming back to you.
  • You want your employer to promote you.
  • You want women to want you.

A large part of success with people is understanding social dynamics and improving your social skills. Some people call it "playing the game".

Why does your boss favour someone else even when you work harder?

Why are your clients and customers low-balling you? How do you negotiate a higher number while also keeping the client happy?

Why are other men picking on you when you go out? How do you respond to them?

Why does she tell you "let's just be friends"? Is it a shit test? (it is) What is the right response?

You must understand how the dynamics work in different situations and how you can be the one taking advantage of it, instead of being taken advantage of.

Part 4: Aphorisms

Snippets of wisdom on various topics, relating to all the topics above. This will help you remember the material and pin them to your head forever. It's must easier to remember diversification theory when you hear the saying, "don't put all your eggs in one basket".

How long is the audiobook?

The audiobook is 26.5 hours long (13 hours for each volume). Months of work went into this project, from picking the content to editing and narration. This is the final product, and it's pretty damn good. 

I guarantee that if you listen to the full 26.5 hours worth of content, you will be much wiser and better equipped to deal with the chaotic world we live in.

100% Satisfaction or your money back:

If you face any issues with the audiobook, send us an email to - our team will assist you. If we are unable to help you, we will give you a full refund (provided it's within 30 days of purchase).

Some quotes from the audiobook:

  • You think sharing your weakness demonstrates trust and love. You believe you can bond over your pain. You believe wrongly. All she sees is the repulsiveness of your weakness. She does not respect your weakness, your pain, or how difficult it was for you to share your pain with her. Women do not care. They can admire your persistence in the face of such, but not your need to express it.
  • Effeminate men and masculine women are undesirable. We are programmed to help women and respect men, not the reverse. Women get social power from being pitied, men get respect (and thus social power) from being powerful. The reverse is not true.
  • Women lead double lives. She will project a strong outward good girl facade whilst engaging in acts of depravity in secret. We know whoring reduces a woman’s value. They know this too. But rather than simply not whore, they would prefer to deceive.
  • The more sexual partners she’s had, the more mentally damaged she is. Women who have slept with lots of men dehumanise and objectify men through sex. Such women are poor relationship prospects.
  • If you really want to know a woman’s notch count (number of partners), feign non-judgement. Indicate you have slept with hundreds of women. From comfort, follows truth.
  • Justification can only exist in respectful exchanges. When you are disliked, justifications are deemed excuses, your guilt, pre-determined. 
  • When people don’t like you, their questions are attacks. Sometimes these attacks are disguised as concerns, other times they are blatant. Whenever you’re asked a question, gauge the legitimacy of the question. Insincere questions must be met with insincere answers, if any answer at all.
  • Real victims suffer in silence, posers pretending to be victims do so to gain money and status. Be wary of “loud victims” they are almost always playacting.
  • Use your 20’s to become the man you want to be, to acquire power of all and any kinds, in your 30’s enjoy the power you’ve accrued and enjoy being the man you’ve built, supplementing and maintaining what you have built so that you can enjoy it way into your 40’s.
  • If you hate yourself or do not value yourself, it’s because you’ve not given yourself a reason to value yourself. We don’t just disrespect others who are low value, we disrespect ourselves for it too.

Is this a fan-made product?

No. This is an official product. Illimitable Man gets the bulk of the sales proceeds from this audiobook, which you can verify here. (

Reviews and Testimonials:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will this audiobook help me?

We give you everything you need to be successful as a man in today's world - increasing your value as a man, understanding women and how to pick a long term partner, and improving your social skills and ability to tackle the situations the world throws at you.

Most other products are just cheat sheets i.e. memorize X lines, say it on the date, etc. but they don't teach you the fundamentals. We aim to make you a better man, not just pretend like you're a better man. This audiobook is all you need.

Q: Does the audiobook work for women too?

While the audiobook will help you find more success and help you understand the motivations behind your behavior as a woman, it is targeted towards men's needs.

The audiobook will definitely help you, but it is primarily oriented towards men.

Q: Can I listen to it on my phone?

You can listen to the audiobook both on your phone and your computer. You also get downloadable MP3 files, so you can also listen to it offline.

Q: How can I know if this is really for me?

If you asked this question, it's not for you. Please do not purchase this audiobook.

Q: What is the time frame for visible results?

You will notice immediate changes in how you think and behave as you listen to the audiobook. A lot of truths the world hides from you (because they are unpleasant, upsetting, or just doesn't serve their agenda) are revealed, and once you see the truth, you will not go back to lies.

You will start noticing things you didn't notice before, and your approach and behavior will be immediately different.

For example, you will be "smoother" and more perceptive towards people's motivations, and you'll have a better idea of what to say to get what you want (respect, sex, a discount, convincing a prospective client, etc.)

For other things, like improving your masculinity - this takes a slightly longer time as you need to put in more work, but if you apply what the audiobook asks you to, you will be a different man in 1 year.

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The Illimitable Men Audiobook (26.5 Hours of Narration)

133 ratings
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