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The Newsletters of Life Math Money: Volume 1 and 2

19 ratings

Get both Volume 1 ($12.95) and Volume 2 ($12.95) at a discounted rate of $19.99!

Newsletters are short pieces where I give highly actionable advice that you can start applying to your life IMMEDIATELY. Some (~10%) are on topics that I felt are interesting to write about and you would be interested to read.

The books are short (~2 hours of reading each) but they are lengthy in application.

This is by design.

I have tried to keep everything to the point and haven't pointlessly expanded anywhere just for the sake of filling up pages.

As you know, action is 1000x more valuable than theory. The books contains STEP BY STEP ACTION PLANS that you should start applying to your life ASAP.

Don't just read the books - *DO THE BOOKS*.


Reviews for Volume 1:

"Simple, Relevant, Universally Relatable & to the Point.

This book Touches upon, & offers insights into various CRITICAL, Everyday Topics.

Understand, Imbibe & Apply these Ideas.

It would Definitely Lead to an ‘upgraded existence’- ie. Greater Effectiveness & Better Performance.

(My Favorite piece was the one on 'Urban Tribes & The Urban Trap’)"

- Fateh Singh (@fatehshernu)

"This newsletter offers sound, practical and actionable advice across a broad spectrum of topics like health and wellness, friendship, and of course, money.

Ultimately, understanding and *applying* these insights to your life will help you level up and get dialed in. Additionally, there are some nice harsh truths ("people aren't smart enough to remember much") buried within. Internalizing these might help you unlock some doors you weren't aware existed."

- Ryan Stephens (@ryanstephens)

"You’re outputs are a result of your inputs. What you consume plays a role in what you later create. So I am very careful in selecting what I watch and what I read. I am even more careful in selecting which newsletters I allow into my inbox.

The lifemathmoney newsletter passes this test. Why? Because as well as knowledgeable discussions of health, business and life in the internet age, it also gets into creativity and self learning- the two most vital skills in the modern world. This collection is worth it for ‘the how to start a reading habit’ newsletter alone.


- Thomas J Bevan (@ThomasJBevan1)

"I love this newsletter. I don't normally learn real useful information in newsletter, but this saved me money and forever changed the way I look at my health. I highly recommended you check this out and realize that what you didn't know DEFINITELY hurts you."

- Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore)

"The Newsletters of Life Math Money was an incredible reading from the beginning to end. As I was reading thru the newsletters, I had to begin taking notes due to the value I was receiving. This body of literature has tips & tricks that range from mental, social, spiritual & practical knowledge. LifeMathMoney breaks down nuanced topics into a very easy to understand format.

All in all I will highly recommend this book if you are willing to make some massive improvements to your life."

- Armani Talks (@ArmaniTalks)

Reviews for Volume 2:

"Volume 2 is amazing!"

"Thank you for the insights. I've been implementing a few of your techniques into my personal life and I've seen noticeable results."

Reviews for Both Volumes:

"Excellent Articles. Highly Recommendable!! Just don’t read them once but one can go through them over few months/weeks again to get motivated!!"

- Romil Gala (@GalaRomil)

"Read all your 30 Newsletters and it was a great read."


Topics I cover in volume 1:

1. How To Get Better Sleep And Wake Up Fresher Than A Pillow With A Mint On It

2. Drop Friends Who Disrespect You

3. The Strongman Breakfast - The Best Breakfast For Energy And Vitality

4. A Trick I Discovered To Save Money On Online Subscriptions

5. How To Make Eye Contact

6. How To Start a Reading Habit

7. How To Beat Automation

8. How To Amicably Drop Useless Friendships

9. Brilliant Thinking Is Rare

10. Investing Abroad - The Opportunity In Chaos

11. Help People, But Do Not Do Their Work For Them

12. Keeping Secrets Secret

13. Urban Tribes And The Urban Trap

14. The Conspiracy Behind Fake News

15. Tax Rates and A Tale of Supply Side Economics

Topics I cover in volume 2:

1. Become a One Man Army

2. How To Eat Out Without Getting Fat

3. How To Keep Your Brain Sharp

4. Stop Arguing With Talkers

5. How to Get People to Like You For Doing YOU a Favor

6. How to Become Indispensable

7. How to Get Out of Debt

8. The Market is Headed for a Crash And How to Profit From It

9. The Emperor Has No Clothes

10. Will This Matter in a Week?

11. Structured Goal Setting: Are Your Goals Your Own?

12. How to Improve Your Social Skills

13. Take a Media Fast

14. The Easiest Way to Prevent Unnecessary Fights

15. Why Aren't You Already Here Yet?


7-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you feel that this book did not improve your life, just email me within 7 days and I will fully refund your purchase. No questions asked.

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The Newsletters of Life Math Money: Volume 1 and 2

19 ratings
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