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The Art of Twitter: Build a Business That Makes You $100/Day

Do you also want to start an online business that makes you thousands of dollars as you sleep?*

*(or your money back)

What you're about to learn makes me $10,000, $20,000, and even $30,000 a month almost entirely by tweeting.

Here is the proof:

I am Harsh Strongman, the creator of the Life Math Money blog and Twitter account.

I started my Twitter journey on 18th May, 2018 because I needed a platform to promote my blog. Today, I have over 250,000 followers (as of October, 2021). You can go ahead and verify that at twitter.com/LifeMathMoney

My Twitter account makes me well over $100,000+ in side-income each year.

I've grown other accounts from scratch as well, such as The 48 Laws of Power Bot (@48_quotes) and The Book of Pook Bot (@bookofpook) - which are completely automated and have tens of thousands of their own followers - and make me $5000+ each month in passive income. This is in addition to what my main account makes me.

What is The Art of Twitter?

The Art of Twitter is a business guide that will teach you how to grow a Twitter account from scratch (from 0 to 10000+ followers) and MONETIZE it to make $100+ every single day.

This guide contains everything I've learnt about growing and monetizing Twitter over the past 3 years.

The guide is frequently updated (as and when I learn new things - you will get all updates for free, forever) and, more importantly - the guide works.

1000s of people have used this guide to make their first dollar online, and it will work for you too.


You can watch more video reviews from customers by scrolling down.

Who this guide is for

✅ Anybody that has experience or knowledge of general interest that they can share on Twitter.

This could be any topic from mindset, nutrition, diet, health, fitness, productivity, supplements, personal finance, cryptocurrencies, investing, e-commerce, coding, dating, trading, history and culture, relationships, seduction, politics, social skills, etc.

✅ Anybody who's willing to learn about any topic that is useful to people (like the ones listed above) and share what they're learning.

✅ People who are willing to commit at least 6 months to 1 year to their Twitter business.

Who this guide is not for

❌ People who want to create a business around extremely technical knowledge (for example, if your knowledge is limited to industrial equipment repair, this is not the guide for you)

❌ People who are looking for a way to get rich quick or something to magically make them money with no effort

❌ People with terrible English skills

What's Inside

The guide is divided into modules.

Module 1: Introduction

In this module, I'll tell you a bit more about myself and show you around how my account operates.

Module 2: Picking a Niche

Here, I will show you how to pick the right content to write about, and if you can't figure it out, I'll give you some ideas and some good starting points.

Module 3: Setting Yourself Up Part 1: Account Handle, Name, and Profile Picture

Here, I cover how people on Twitter behave, and the right way to set up your account name, handle, profile picture, and brand for fast growth.

If you want to start a personal brand, I will also show you how you can do that and position yourself properly.

Module 4: Setting Yourself Up Part 2: Bio and Header Image

The bio is the sales pitch for your account, and I'll show you how to write the right one.

I will also go over the common profile setup mistakes people make that really slow down their growth (and lead them into making far less money than they otherwise could).

The name of the game is fast growth. The faster you grow, the bigger your audience will be, and the more money you will make. Do it right from the get-go and you will make more money, and faster.

Module 5: Growing Your Account – Strategies That Don’t Work (Some popular wisdom you want to avoid, because you don't want to waste months of your time on things that don't work)

Here I'll show you the growth strategies that people commonly try, that don't work and are nothing but a waste of time.

Some of them are traps - they do "work" but in a horrible way. They will make your account grow slowly but not slow enough for you to feel that something needs to change. So people continue with them growing much slower than they could be. It's the biggest waste of time there is.

I'll show you what these strategies are so you can avoid them (they're very common).

Module 6: Growth Strategy

This is the strategy that actually does work and gives you fast and sustainable growth. It's divided into 3 parts:

  • From 0 to 5,000 followers

  • From 5,000 to 10,000 followers

  • From 10,000 followers and beyond

Where I give you specific advice for each stage so that you can grow as fast as possible.

Remember, the faster you grow, the more money you make, and the quicker you see your first dollar.

Module 7: Creating Better Tweets and Increasing Engagement

This is a quick and dirty writing guide that will show you how to craft tweets that give you the best engagement and get more people to see and follow your content.

I've been writing for 3 years and over time, I've learnt what works and what doesn't.

Module 8 and 9: Specialized Growth Strategies

Some specialized growth strategies and techniques that you can use to supercharge your growth. And with advice on how and when to use them.

Module 10: Monetization

This section teaches you all the ways you can make money from Twitter, and how to go about doing just that.

I will show you how to take your account from $0 income to 1000s of dollars income, and I will help you start multiple streams of income using your Twitter account.

You do not need your own product. Selling your product is just one income stream. There are far more ways to make lots of money when you have an audience.

For complete beginners, I will give you a simple "roadmap to monetization" to follow that will get you from nothing to building your first real stream of income.

This roadmap has worked for 1000s of people who have bought this guide to make their first dollar online.

If you take this guide and implement it, you WILL make money with it.

Module 11: How to Avoid Getting Banned

Getting banned from Twitter is always a risk for everyone, but there are steps you can take to minimize it without diluting your content.

I've seen many accounts get banned over the past 3 years, and I've noticed some common reasons why they got banned. I will tell you what to avoid, from experience, to minimize the risk of having your account suspended.

Knowing how to not get banned is just as important (if not more important) than knowing how to build your business in the first place.

You don't want to put months and years of effort into building your account only to have it taken away in a minute without warning.

Module 12: A Guide to Networking

If you’ve ever been in any business before, you’d know the importance of networking with other people in the same industry.

The same applies to this one – as you grow your account and spend more time on Twitter, you will want to build your business network and connect with other people in the same field.

I will show you how to go about doing that.

BONUS #1: How to Create and Monetize Twitter Bots

Twitter bots are automatic accounts like @BookOfPook, @48_quotes, @CharlieBot, etc.

I own many such accounts and they make me over $5,000 a month passively. I make them once, and then I sit back and watch the money pile up ... even as I sleep.

I will show you how you can create such accounts for yourself. No technical skills needed.

BONUS #2: Growing Beyond Twitter

When I created the first version of this guide, the only social media website I used was Twitter.

Today, I have an Instagram account with over 20,000 followers; I'm on Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram; and I even have a newsletter.

For most of these, I just reuse my Twitter content automatically (using software). In this bonus module, I will show you how I set everything up and the right way to structure the profiles so they can grow without you having to be present on them all the time.

In summary, The Art of Twitter contains everything I know and have learned about Twitter growth and monetization over the past 3 years (and everything I've learnt about growth and monetization beyond Twitter).

The guide is updated frequently to cover new topics that I learn as I run my Twitter business. If you get a copy of this guide, you will get all updates for free, forever.

This guide has worked for 1000s of people and only gets better with time (the price increases accordingly).

However, I'd still like to increase your confidence in me, so I'll make your purchase completely risk-free.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

(Yes, 6 months.)

If this guide does not work for you, just send me an email to admin@lifemathmoney.com and I'll give you a full refund. (To prevent fraud, you will need to send me proof of work - the @ handle of the Twitter account you worked on for at least 2 months.)

This makes your purchase completely risk-free. If things work out for you, awesome. You've made a great investment that will earn you hundreds of dollars every day. If they don't, then you get your entire money back by just sending me an email.

If that math doesn't convince you to give it a try, I don't know what will; however, I have something extra for you:

BONUS #3: A Free 3-Month Subscription to Zlappo (Tweet Automation Software)

Zlappo is the best Twitter scheduling and automation software out there. This will help you save time and free you from having to check your Twitter all day to post tweets. The more you scale your account, the more useful scheduling is.

With the purchase of this guide, you will get a free 3-month subscription to Zlappo included in your purchase at no extra cost.

Zlappo is the best automation software out there for Twitter and you get a 3-month subscription with this guide at no additional cost.

Getting this guide saves you $30 to $90 - depending on which plan you go for.

Reviews and Testimonials:

From John Anthony (@BeMoreAlpha) [15,000+ followers]:

From Dylan Madden (@Moneybaglives) [10,000+ followers]:

From Orwell and Goode (@OrwellNGoode) [150,000+ followers]:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is The Art of Twitter again?

The Art of Twitter is a business guide that will teach you how to grow a Twitter account from scratch (from 0 to 10000+ followers) and MONETIZE it to make $100+ every single day.

How long will it take to make money / my first sale?

You should start to see some money coming in when you have 2,000 followers. This can take about 3 months. Your income will grow with your follower base.

How long until I'm making $100/day?

Most people make $100/day by the time they get to 10,000 followers. If you follow the guide, you will likely get to 10,000 followers and $100+ a day in income in about 1 year.

Will you be updating this guide?

Yes. The guide is updated as and when I learn new things that can help grow and monetize Twitter. You get all updates for free (5 updates so far!).

How long is the guide?

The guide is 170 pages long (about 18,000 words) and grows with every new edition (the price is increased accordingly). Existing buyers get all updates for free, forever, of course. 

How is The Art of Twitter different from other Twitter guides?

The Art of Twitter is just plain superior in every way since it comes from someone with a lot of experience with building a large audience (200k+) and selling other products (not Twitter guides).

Other Twitter guides are written by people with no experience to make them some quick internet money. You can easily confirm this by noticing that the main product they sell ... is their Twitter guide. In other words, they don't have a business. Their "business" is teaching you how to start a business. Which is, of course, completely ridiculous.

I wrote the first draft of The Art of Twitter when I had over 100,000 followers and was already making $10k+ in income a month from Twitter from my other products. The Art of Twitter is a product of all the knowledge I've gained from 3 years of experience.

I have a preexisting offline business / I have a blog (or any other business). How will The Art of Twitter help me?

If you have an existing business, The Art of Twitter will help you create an audience that you can market your products to. It's always a good thing for a business to have a large social media following.

That said, a large portion of this guide is to help people with no existing products/business/online income streams to get started with their first ones.

Do I need to have a product to make money?

No, you do not. There are many ways to make money with Twitter, and selling your own products is only one of them. I will show you many different ways to make money that don't involve you having to create a product.

For example, one way to make money without having to create your own products is to sell other people's products for a commission (this is called affiliate marketing).

All the sales in the screenshots above were affiliate sales. You can do the math.

There are 0 excuses at this point. If you're willing to put in the work, I'll show you how you can turn that into money.

Can I get a discount?

No. Social media based businesses are some of the cheapest businesses to start and have very high ROI. If you start a brick and mortar business, you'd need to invest at least $100,000.

If you're unwilling to make a one time works-or-money-back investment in your business venture that's less than 1% of what you'd have to put up as capital if you were doing a "regular business", I am unwilling to help you start. Do not buy this guide.

Do I need to spend any money besides the $79.99?

No, you do not. The cost of purchase of this guide is the only seed investment your new business needs.

You will not need to invest any money beyond the $79.99 you pay for this guide.

Twitter is free, and we provide you with complementary subscriptions to all the software that will be essential (You will get 90 free days of Zlappo Automation software). 

Any other expenditure you have to make beyond this will come from the income generated by your new business. No money needs to be spent on anything else till your business is profitable.

Everything you will need until then is included with the guide.

Is this a one-time fee?

Yes, it's a one-time fee. This is not a subscription. You never lose access to The Art of Twitter. After you have purchased once, you get lifetime access to the product along with all future updates.

How much time will this take per day?

About 2-3 hours a day in total, broken down into many 10 minute segments (i.e. you check twitter for 10 minutes, and again after 2 hours, etc.). Many existing customers executed this guide in the random bits of free time they had at their existing workplace.

Will this work for me?

To be honest, I don't know for sure.

But what I can say is that this guide has sold a lot of copies and hundreds of people have used it to make their first dollar online.

Many of them make $10k+ a month and others are getting there.

You are in good hands.

If you put in the work (i.e. you implement the guide instead of just reading and forgetting about it), it should work for you.

What if it doesn't work for me?

In the rare case it doesn't work for you, you will be covered by our 6-month money-back guarantee. 6 months is a long enough time for you to try the guide out and know for sure if it's working for you or not.

You can just send me an email at admin@lifemathmoney.com showing me that you put in the work and it didn't work for you, and I will refund your entire payment. Your purchase is completely risk-free.

Your business either works or your money back.

Click the I WANT THIS button to get started today.


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The Art of Twitter: Build a Business That Makes You $100/Day

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